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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Liz Lisa Shanghai

Liz Lisa is Japanese fashion brand known for their ultra feminine and cute clothing. With frequent floral prints and use of chiffon fabrics it is a staple in most roma and himekaji gyaru wardrobes (not totally accurate, but here's a description of "gyaru"). The brand's concept has a strong focus on "Retro & Girlish", so needless to say, I love Liz Lisa! I was  excited to discover they have a store in Shanghai and quickly made my way over to check it out. 

Fall 2013 Liz Lisa Kawaii Magazine

Liz Lisa Shanghai (during their summer sale 2013)

My shopping experience at the Shanghai shop was very different from shopping at Tokyo's 109, so I thought it'd be best to give you all a run down of my shopping experience. 

Let's start with the positive aspects first!

  • shop design & decor
    • The shop is obviously quite small, but that doesn't stop them from adding cute and girlish elements to nearly all aspects of the store. You really feel like a princess surrounded by flowers, gold accents and romantic furniture.
  • price
    • Although this is an imported brand, there doesn't seem to be a noticeable markup in price
  • attentiveness of staff
    • I loved that the staff noticed I was browsing and took their time to approach me rather than rush over for a quick sell. I also really liked that they didn't hover over me while I was shopping. Once I exited the fitting room to check myself in the mirror, they helped me retie the ribbon on the dress I was trying on and adjusted the straps to my size.
Now comes what I didn't like about shopping there. 

  • staff presentation
    • This is sort of a big one for me. The staff, though wearing mostly Liz Lisa, looked pretty sloppy. I hoped to be greeted by cute staff like this shop clerk from  the Nagoya branch, but sadly was not. 
    • Edited 9/13 I don't know what happened since my last visit in late August but the staff was not only more spunky than before, but also totally adorable. Great hair, makeup and a head to two outfit that really made their look more lovely than before.
平野優依, Nagoya branch

  • staff attentiveness 
    • Yes, the staff was both very attentive and also terribly inattentive. I originally thought only one girl was on shift, but when I went to try something on, I found the other shop clerk hiding in the fitting room playing on her cell phone. Maybe I'm being too picky, but I really felt that this was unprofessional and is not acceptable employee behavior anywhere.
    • Edited 9/13 (3rd time shopping at LL Shanghai) The shop staff was not only super cute but also very attentive. In fact, one shop girl even tried using her limited English to encourage me to try things on!
  • fitting room
    • Thought the shop floor is beautifully decorated and cared for, I was disappointed to find the fitting room to be dark, dirty (dust and stains on the carpet and bench) and a bit Spartan (no hooks to hang a purse or clothing and only one small stool to pile everything on). 
    • Edited 9/13 The store has been moved since I last visited in late August. I didn't try anything on, but the outside appearance alone has definitely been given a face lift. 
  • the gift
    • When purchasing  an item from their Chambre a Coucher line, like in Japan, you receive a free gift. Awesome right?! Unfortunately my gift, a small notepad had not only been opened, but had been used !

Despite the negative aspects of shopping at Liz Lisa Shanghai, I am thrilled that this brand is being represented in Shanghai. I will definitely continue to shop at Liz Lisa Shanghai and recommend you add it to your shopping destinations. 

Where: located on the 4th floor of Jiu Guang mall (known in Japanese as Hisamitsu Department Store) accessible through the Jing'an Temple Metro Station. map

You can read my blog about Jiu Guang mall and see more photo here

Check out the official Liz Lisa website here 
Want to buy Liz Lisa but don't live near a store? now carries this brand and ships internationally! buy here!

*Disclaimer* Many fake Liz Lisa goods are produced in China. In order to ensure you are purchasing a genuine piece, please buy directly from their store or website

My Liz Lisa Purchases of the Day

Skirt 798 RMB (7,245 yen*)

camisole 458RMB (4095 yen)

jumper skirt 1,048RMB (9,345 yen)

! free gift!
2 note pads and Liz Lisa's Kawaii Magazine

*Prices listed are in RMB, Chinese currency, and yen as shown on the price tag to give you an idea of the price difference due to currency conversion and import markup.

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