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Friday, September 13, 2013

Gyaru Shops at Jiu Guang Department Store (Photo Heavy)

Located in the Jing'an district of Shanghai, Jiu Guang Department Store is home to hundreds of trendy domestic and international fashion brands. If you are looking for a one stop shop that is sure to fill your every indulgence, Jiu Guang is the place to go.

What: Jiu Guang (Hisamitsu Shanghai) Hong Kong department store catering to Japanese business culture
Where: Jing'an Si (Line 2 & 11)

Other information: There are 10 floors including a basement which is home to many amazing restaurants, snack stands and other delicious treats. The basement also has a small supermarket, Fresh Mart that is stocked with all sorts of Japanese goods.

Driving directions

pictures from the food hall in B1 to satisfy the foodie in you.

Mon Chou Chou- perfect for a romantic autumn picnic

Beautiful Strawberry cakes and cute staff too!
I love their hats!

Yumm. I want them all!

Natural clothing by EXECPTION

Kate Spade

Always colorful LeSportSAC

Swimwear Sale!

shop news!
New Openings & Renewals!

Now, on to my favorite part about Jiu Guang.... gyaru shops! Gyaru fashion blogger Mitsu, from Universal- Doll wrote an awesome article on what qualifies as a "gyaru brand" that you can read about here. After schooling yourself at "Gyaru University", you can definitely say the 4th floor of Jiu Guang is dedicated to gyaru (and gyaru-o) clothing.

Gyaru Shops

cool men's fashion brand

cat ear trend
 ears formed with tiny braids of hair

Fluffy hoodies from Amekaji brand LALABOBO

gingham patterned dress from titty&Co.

solid wine pieces and gingham pattern are really trending this fall

Nice Claup

Other brands include:
Rosebullet, Liz Lisa, Pinky Mars, Tutuanna, Boy London, and many more!

Rosebullet Autumn Collection 
"Style News" vol. 3 2012

store listings in China & Weibo QR code

See you next time!

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  1. I discovered you through Mitsu. You're making me miss Shanghai so much! ♥


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