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Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Shiseido, Ma Cherie

Shiseido Ma Cherie Moist Shampoo and Conditioner review
*This is not a sponsored review*

My hair background
Prior to moving to Shanghai, my hair was in pretty good shape. I had little to no split ends and even though I'd dyed it, it was very healthy and soft. However, the water in Shanghai is really hard and has a high chlorine content which quickly destroyed my nice hair and left me with tons of flyaway hairs, split ends and all over dryness. My previous shampoo and conditioner were not cutting it anymore and I needed to switch to something with more moisture.

Then I came across Ma Cherie's beautiful pink and gold packaging that instantly drew my eye and called me to give it a try.

Gorgeous marketing ad (from website)

Too cute!

Ma Cherie (My Sweet heart in French) is a line of hair care products aimed to create lustrous, silky, soft hair. It provides nutrients to smooth hair while leaving a sweet and romantic scent. 

Scent: Champagne Honey 

Champage: Protect against environmental free radicaks and oxidative stress
Honey: Naturally retains moisture and add shine to hair
  • Base note
Musk Sandal wood, Amber and Cedar wood
  • Middle note
Lily bell, magnilia, pinkpionie and lilac
  • Top note
Valencia Orange, Ruby Grape fruit, Mix berry, Pineapple and rose peach

Lather ability: high

One pump can easily create enough lather to fully wash your hair and provide a nice base for a shampoo massage.


This product works as good as it claims. My hair was instantly softer and more manageable. Of course, nothing can truly "repair" split ends, so I cut them and since then have not had a single split end! Amazing! This shampoo and conditioner adequately hydrates my hair and does not leave it feeling heavy or greasy.
The scent is so beautiful. It uplifts my spirits and makes a bath time much more relaxing experience.

Ma Cherie Moisture products can be purchased Sasa either online or in stores
Sasa webpage

Special information: Shiseido has a factory in Pudong, Shanghai near my apartment where they operate under the company,
Shanghai Zotos Citic Cosmetics Co., Ltd.
1558 Longdong Ave, Pudong New Area, Shanghai 201203 P.R.C. China 


  1. Hi! Please, can you tell me where I can buy Shiseido Ma Cherie line products in Shanghai (I'm about stores). Do you have address?

  2. Hi there! I'm not 100% certain they are still being sold at Sasa, but you might want to check.
    Here are the store locations I know of, ( only lists 1 shop)
    YuYuan- near Haagen Dazs and Superman Toys
    Pudong- The Kerry Center
    Hongqiao- at the train station

    You can also buy them online. Right now they are running a sale for the shampoo & conditioner set for 24 USD (free shipping if you spend 29$)


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