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Monday, September 23, 2013

Le'Teen Autumn #9 Fashion Guide

Back with another Fashion Guide from Le'Teen

It seems like Le'Teen is taking cues from Japanese gyaru brand, 
One Spo with this cat face dress.

I'm loving that soft pink rider jacket.

Usamimi  (bunny ear) headbands and cat eared hats
 are still in this autumn

Did you notice the cute crown headband?
It might be a bit over the top for daily wear but it's too cute
for a special occasion.

How do you feel about autumn pastels?

Hipster? Maybe in China

I love the styling on this page.

Sadly the back page does not feature a hair and makeup tutorial.
T-strap shoes and monochrome is totally on trend for the season.

That's it from Le'Teen. What's your favorite look/item from their Autumn 9 Fashion guide?

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