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Monday, September 16, 2013

Taobao Review: Vivid Shop

This is a review for replica items purchased through the Taobao shop Vivid. 
Please support the brand Liz Lisa and continue to purchase their goods.

Lis Lisa Official Webshop 
Retailed internationally through Yesstyle 
Available at Jiu Guang Mall read my post

This is not a sponsored review,

Site Navigation: 5/5
Speed of Delivery: 5/5 (I placed my order in the early morning, and by the next morning received my items!)
Product Accuracy: 4.5/5 (described below)
Price: 5/5

I purchased four items from which were shipped in a basic plastic postal bag. Inside the grey postal bag was another bag and inside that, were more bags. Unpacking this small shipment felt like opening Russian nesting dolls! I actually love the fact that they took so much care to wrap each item individually which prevents the possibility of damage. 

Cream/Beige blouse

authentic Liz Lisa photo with a Vivid watermark 

Vivid's Replica

This blouse, purchased for 79 RMB, is made from a thin cotton material making it perfect for early autumn, spring or summer. The sizing is "Free" which I found to be a bit larger than I'd like in the waist and a little tight in the bust. Construction on this blouse is very nice, but comparing it to authentic Liz Lisa items, I'd say it certainly isn't the same quality. The fabric is thin and see through which makes it perfect for layering under a jumper skirt or adding a cardigan on top. Straight out of the packaging, the blouse smelled a little weird. I aired it out all day and that didn't do much to remove the smell, but a quick rinse in soapy water did the trick. I really love this blouse and will probably purchase it in the white colorway too!

White Loose Knit 

authentic Liz Lisa again with a Vivid watermark

This knit was thrown in the cart last minute when I saw the adorable coordinate by Liz Lisa above. For 129 RMB, this is the item I am least satisfied with. The material and garment construction really left me wanting more. The fabric is definitely not as soft as I hoped it to be and the crochet knit work feels uninspired and basic. Compared to the photograph of the authentic piece, you can see the real knit work is soft and delicate. This purchase is clearly a replica piece and I would probably only wear it casually and not paired with obviously higher quality items. 

Pink Cutsew
Liz Lisa Autumn 2011 collection

Authentic on model Lena Fujii

Vivid's replica

Priced at 95 RMB, this pink cutsew is a total winner. The base material is thick and soft and has ample stretch to it. Even the lace details and chiffon like bow are of excellent quality! Listed as "Free" size, this cutsew, similar to the cream blouse, also has some extra room to it though the shape of it is really flattering. This cutsew can surely be coordinated with items carrying a higher price tag and hold still it's own against them. Though currently only available in pink, I'd love to have this piece in multiple colors.

Plaid Skirt (hidden shorts)
Liz Lisa Autumn 2013 collection

Authentic Liz Lisa on Shop Staff

Vivid replica dress version modeled by a buyer

This skirt had me questioning "how soon is too soon" and wondering about where Liz Lisa manufactures their goods. It's from the Autumn 2013 collection and Vivid did a tremendous job on replicating this one. The skirt design and print is pretty basic, but is beautifully constructed. They use super cute rose lace detailing in an adorable scallop design just like the original. Once again, this item is "Free" size. It has partial shirring in the back and a side zipper that I find really helpful for anyone with large hips and a small waist. This skirt is without a doubt, a miniskirt (even on my 5'2" frame!), but it has hidden shorts underneath to protect you from strong winds and wandering eyes. 

Final Thoughts: Vivid's products if considered only as clothing are certainly worth every penny. For the price, you are getting beautifully designed pieces made from good material. If you are comparing them to the authentic Liz Lisa products, of course you can tell the difference in the feeling of the material and detailing. 

None of the items come with fake price tags or brand labels like other replicas do and that's the final plus for me.

My Sample Coordinates

Cream/Beige Blouse
Theme: Princess

Loose Knit
Theme: Autumn Kitten

Pink Cutsew
Theme: Romantic Picnic

Plaid Skirt
Theme: European Wind


  1. Awesome! I really like what you've purchased. Packaging seems to be thoughtful.

    I would vouch for and they don't charge a service fee if you're in Australia.

  2. I love Liz Lisa clothes.They look cute and super feminine.


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