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Saturday, August 31, 2013

OPA Shanghai & Daiso 10 RMB shop

OPA Shanghai , opened in 2010, is a Japanese shopping mall which boasts the title of the "first large scale shopping mall in China dedicating almost its entire floor space to Japanese brands" ( If you know anything about Japan, you must know that it's entire pop culture is built around the concept of kawaii, cute. 

Knowing that, I set out to find this mall and see what the buzz is all about. 

Here's a rundown of the mall's stats:

Title: OPA Shanghai
Address: No. 900 Huaihai Zhong Lu (Line 1 or 10)
Mall Guide : see below
Official Website: Here

Variety Goods

Fashion & Goods

Glamorous Cute Casual & Goodseet Casual&Goods

There are lots and lots of Japanese brands here and each boutique has gorgeously arranged displays. Though I was totally blown away by the beautiful decor and mannequin coordinates, there were a few points that were notably different from a shopping experience in Japan.

1. I didn't notice any music playing. Places like Shibuya 109 in Tokyo have loud music playing to excite the shopper and lift their spirits アゲアゲ!
2. Where's my welcome! I am not expecting a welcome in Japanese, but some welcome would be nice. 
3. The shop staff wasn't well coordinated compared to their Japanese counterparts. Okay, so maybe I am being a little rough here, but part of why I loved shopping in Japan was because shop staff are always well groomed and nicely dressed. 


2F Smacky Glam

2F rosebullet

Finally, let me talk a little about Daiso Japan. Daiso is a well know 100 yen shop in Japan and unlike 1$ stores in the United States, everything in Daiso is really 100 yen! My first visit to a Daiso shop was a constant "No, how could this be 100 yen?!?" But yes, even those expensive looking plates and that super cute pencil pouch is really that cheap.


In China, Daiso is 10 RMB per item and stocks all the cutest merchandise you'd find in Japan. So don't be surprised if you fill up your basket and end up with a hefty bill. Here's what I got for 310 RMB (31 items)

If you are in the area, I'd suggest after visiting OPA, walk around the block and you'll discover a horde of retro style buildings and a few cute shops mixed in. On Shaanxi Road and HuaiHai Road you'll find Le'Teen (read here) and currently a tiny cat cafe called Petit Cat Cafe.

Photos from my walk around the block





  1. Thanks for your post about the OPA and the Dimei Guang mall. Had a fantastic time here in Shanghai!

    1. I'm so happy you enjoyed your trip to Shanghai~

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