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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gothic Lolita Punk and School Uniform Fashion Show

The Gift Show: Tokyo Health and Beauty, just ended and I brought you photos from the exhibition hall and tons of photos from the two fashion shows. I hope you like huge photo posts!

The exhibition hall had everything from cosmetics to food and furniture. For the closing day, I thought attendance was low, but that allowed the visitors to leisurely walk around and enjoy the expo.

There were plenty of demonstrations and sample products to try.

Gachapons and girls in school uniforms!

CONOMi, Japanese school uniform stand

Cute instax stand next to h.NAOTO

lovely stationary

On to the main event....

Fashion Shows


Brand introduction

CONOMi is a Japanese fashion brand known as the go to "seifuku" shop. The brand specializes in  Japanese school uniforms and accessories (neck ties, ribbons, socks) and gives girls a chance to wear the cute uniform of their dreams. Even if you aren't in high school, you too can wear a kawaii seifuku!

Online Shop (Japanese)

Ending of the CONOMi fashion show

These girls were voted as the top 3 looks. The photographer with the
elementary school hat is cute too!

Lots of attendees wore seifuku (uniforms) too!


Brand Introduction

h.NAOTO is a Japanese clothing and accessory brand consisting of gothic, lolita and punk elements. The brand has several sub labels including: GRAMM, Mint Neko, Frill and Sixth. 

Exciting news for h.NAOTO fans in China, designer Hirooka Naoto has officially begun selling his apparel and accessories on taobao and expressed interest in opening up a shop in Shanghai!

Autumn & Winter 2015 

Designer H. Naoto himself!

You can find out more information about the next Gift Show here (Japanese and Chinese).

I hope you enjoyed the photos from the Tokyo Beauty and Health World Gift Show. If you're in Shanghai and would like me to notify you about events like this and others before they occur, let me know in the comments below.

Are you a fan of school uniforms or h.NAOTO?

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