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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Bath house: Gokurakuyu

Japanese bath house, Gokurakuyu opened up a new location at Jinshajiang Road this spring. I loved it so much, I bought a member card after my first visit! This place is definitely worth checking out!

The huge Gokurakuyu sign makes this massive building hard to miss.

Walking into the bath house you will immediately feel the Japanese vibes. Before you can enter the facilities, just like at the Korean, New Star bath house, you must take off your shoes. The assistant dressed in a yukata-esque outfit will tell you to pick a shoe box and point you to the reception desk.

Don't forget to look up! The ceiling is beautiful.

If you've never been to a bath house, have no fear! With 7 easy steps, this illustrated poster will help you navigate the bath house like a pro.

One of amenities that has received a lot of positive feedback is the many stylish patterned lounge wear they offer. Regular guests and members have 7 choices. The 8th design, cool black with  koi fish is for VIP members only.

FYI I'm a petite girl, but the size small were really tight around my bottom. image The dress option is much more comfortable.


After my first bath (yes I take multiple baths), I like to go upstairs and relax in the bedrock rooms. Each room boasts specific healing properties that are written outside the room in Japanese, Chinese and English.

If you get hungry, there's a snack bar on the 2nd and 3rd floor. The have Asahi beer on tap and soft serve ice cream among other treats.

If you want a real meal, I recommend you stop by the restaurant. The fake cherry blossom trees are always in full bloom and provide a lovely atmosphere.

Gokurakuyu always has something new. Their seasonal menu really represents the flavors of the season and offer some unique items that are hard to find outside of Japan. Goya juice anyone?

OMG look at that Fujisan curry!image

The kiddos have a special menus that are sooo cutee!

The sweets look lovely too!

Hiyashichuka is one of my favorite Japanese summer dishes. I haven't been able to find this dish anywhere else in Shanghai. If you know a place, please tell me!image

If you like anime, you know after a hot bath there are two drinks that are celebrated: milk and beer! In addition to those drinks, you can order shouchu and sake here.

Sadly, looks are deceiving here. The sashimi was pretty bad.image


Let's talk about the baths! (sorry no original photos)

*photo from their website*

The baths here are AMAZING! image  First, all the baths use filtered soft water and have added minerals to recreate the effects of a natural onsen. They have four large baths (carbonated, cedar, silky bubbles and a seasonal one), one  bath for the kiddos, several individual baths with massaging jets and three goemon style pottery baths. There's also a section for electric massage within one of the baths!

*photo from their website*

The scrub and spa

Inside the bathing area, there is a room for body scrubs and body masks. Worth noting is the massages offered in this area are waaayyy shorter than those at New Star and they are more expensive. I also personally feel that the body scrub is too abrasive for my skin. I like a good scrub to exfoliate but I left feeling a little raw. image The body masks are great though! 

On the 3rd floor, they have another area for spa services. I had a foot massage that is basically on par with other massage parlors in Shanghai. I probably won't get another massage from Gokurakuyu since I feel there are better places to do that in Shanghai.


image Overall, this bath house has become one of my favorites in Shanghai. I really recommend you check it out!

Puxi address:Shanghai Putuo District Qilian Shan Road 398 (上海普陀区祁连山南路398号)
You can take metro line 13 to Qilian Shan Road and walk about a block and a half to get to this location.

Hours:  10am- 1am


General Adults 138 yuan
Children 68 yuan
Member Adults 118 yuan
Children 46 yuan

Website hereimage

imageno makeup!!image

I hope you get a chance to visit this bath house!
You can also check out my visit to the Korean bath house, New Star


  1. Hi Jenny! I am moving to Shanghai and it was hard to find information about this place with a review and photos exactly like this. Can I ask you what the memberships cost? I am looking for a nice place, but not a hotel, where you can pay a yearly or monthly fee, use all the services for less OR, if possible, wave the entry fee. Thanks so much for your time! I will check back here for an answer!

  2. Welcome to Shanghai. I'm sure you'll find many wonderful things to do, eat and see here. If I remember correctly the basic membership was 168rmb.

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