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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vivienne Westwood Cafe

This spring, the mother of punk fashion, Vivienne Westwood, opened up a cafe in the K11 Art Mall. Since  my obsession with her rocking horse shoes (what's up old school lolita!) and her iconic orb necklace seen in the anime and manga, Nana, I have loved Vivienne Westwood.

Let's check out her cafe and see if it's as cool as her brand!

Take the elevator up to the 2nd floor and you'll quickly see a huge Vivienne Westwood shop. Just around the corner is the cafe.

I was a little shocked at the open concept of this cafe. The photos from news sites and blogs gave off the appearance that this cafe had an exclusive setting with a more elaborate atmosphere. The cafe has two sections for patrons to enjoy.

The above area is inspired by a runway catwalk. The white backdrop with Vivienne's logo does seem like a nice photo op, but I didn't see to many people posing for photos there.

The second area, a bit smaller than the catwalk room, features a mural that takes you back to 18th century France. Also worth noting is the 13 hour clock, a little reminder of Vivienne Westwood's World's End shop. 

Don't expect to find children running around this cafe. I hung out for about an hour and saw mostly a crowd ranging between 25-50 years old.

The dessert options are gorgeous! 

In addition to a la carte items, you can order an afternoon tea set!

The table wear has a tartan motif, very Vivienne Westwood like!

Her signature Saturn orb logo is everywhere and really adds to the image of a brand cafe.

Surprise! I didn't order an americano. Today's coffee is a classic latte.

As for sweets, I ordered an eclair. The flavor and texture was superb! 
Surprisingly, this cafe is reasonably priced. A latte and eclair set me back 85rmb which is about the same as other themed cafes in the city.

Below is a "music video" of the photos I took at the cafe. I used the Meipai app that I blogged about here to make this 10 second video.

If you get a chance, I recommend you stop by Vivienne Westwood Cafe. The atmosphere is very relaxing and posh. After stopping by, you should definitely check out the rest of the mall and see what new art exhibit is up.

I hope you enjoyed these snaps from the Vivienne Westwood Cafe.  I can't wait to hear your reactions to this cafe. See you next time!

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