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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Post-it Notes from Etude House on BEAUTY


Korean skin care and make up brand, Etude House, has been successfully operating in Shanghai for nearly 1 year. I stopped by the shop to pick up some products and found some cute beauty tips that I'd like to share. Read more for a micro-post!

Post-it Note style beauty tips from Etude House are available for free. You can find them grouped together on the wall (usually near the entrance of the shops)

Asian skin care emphasizes not only products, but massaging techniques that allow your skin to look "QQ" 可愛  aka cute

This reminds me of Chizu Saeki's famous massage method. 
Four simple massages are all you need to keep  your skin looking firm and young.

Here are some must have tools from Etude House:
eyebrow stencils, eye lash curler, tweezers, eyebrow scissors
Have you ever used an eyebrow stencil? 

Here are some tips on creating 4 different cat's eye look.
Personally I favor "puppy eyes" that are drawn with a downcast line. What about you?

Most Wanted: no heat sponge curlers.
Though I haven't used Etude House curlers, in general sponge curlers work like magic!

I can't leave Etude House without picking up new cosmetics!
The lip gloss is my favorite! It's so glittery and gorgeous.

Want to see more Etude House?
Check out my post on its opening here

Thanks for stopping by!

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