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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Cute meet Cool at Yo'Hood fashion event

Hello beauties! A few weeks ago, fashion conglomerate, YOHO had a huge event in Shanghai. I was lucky enough to make it out to their event and snap a ton of photos to share with you. 
Let's enjoy some cool Shanghai!

First off, what's Yo'Hood and who's YOHO?

Yo'Hood is a trade show/ exhibition of street fashion open to consumers brought to you by YOHO(!). They seek to bring authentic (ie. non replica)  top tier street brands to Chinese consumers and support start up brands too! A few of the well-known brands YOHO has to offer include: Stussy, G-Shock, Stay Real, izzue, Moussy and more!

Of course, the visitors of the event were super stylish. They were fashionably reppin' their favorite brands and their best looks.  So let's get on to the photo dump!

The trade show focused on bringing attention to the brands that YOHO! offers, but a portion of the trade floor was sectioned off  for an indie and vintage market. The selection was really eclectic and fun. From vintage hats and pins, to original designs, the area was a lively mix of fashion and accessories.

Of course, as a lover of aesthetics, I was so happy to see the booth staff were not only decked out in the brand they were representing, but they were all  cute/handsome. 

Aside from shopping, Yo'Hood had very few other activities or events. I did find this stand that was giving super rad hair cuts and shaved designs. 

Everyone knows fashion and cars look great together! This cool Lambo was a key selfie point.

I love, love, love her look. 
The "sick" makeup look of under eye blush and her red lips complement her simple but stylish dress.

This brings me back to my old style... I think I want need one of these beanies.

One of the event of the trade show was a fashion show by HIPANDA.
Unfortunately I don't have many photos from the show.

On the second floor, there were even more brands!

A very moody, but cool kid.

As always, I'm so happy to share the cute and cool happenings in Shanghai. If you're not in Shanghai, I hope you'll be encouraged to stop by sometime and if you're already here, I hope you can discover something fun!

I love your comments!


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