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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Review: Nanchatte Seifuku

Recently, at Mao Live House, a seifuku (sailor uniform) event was held which gave me the opportunity I was looking for to finally buy the school uniform of my dream. I quickly logged onto Taobao, the god of the Chinese online shopping world, and put in an order. Read more for my taobao review and pictures from the event!

Shop Details

Name:  JK樱花哒
Shop Type: exclusive seifuku shop
Ratingimageimageimageimage 4 diamonds (4 gold crowns is the best)
User Satisfaction 4.8/5 

Order Details

I purchased 5 items from the shop for the low, low price of  143.8 rmb (23$) shipping included!
The order was placed on October 1st and reached my place in Shanghai on October 6th.

Quality (for the price)  /5

The quality is not great, but you get what you pay for. The items are super affordable and if it's just for a costume party, I think it's great!


These ribbons are super cute and well made. They are very easy to wear and don't require you to tie the bow yourself, so you'll always have a perfect bow! The material is also very nice and sturdy and adds a classy look to the overall outfit.

Size L

Hahaha this is one of the times, I misjudged my size. L size is huge on me! The material is not see through, but it's a bit thin. Considering the price, 35 rmb (5.50$) I really can't complain though.

Size M

FYI this skirt does not have an elastic waist band so be sure to measure properly before you order! Again, the material is a little thin, but it's fine. I really have no complaints about this skirt at all! 

Size L

L size is great for that oversized look. The sweater is most appropriate for spring or early fall. The biggest disappointment here is the color. I thought it would be more "classic" kogyaru color, but it's very mustard looking! I'll probably end up selling this. 



I have to admit, I was extremely disappointing! The main reason I decided to purchase a seifuku from this shop rather than the hundreds of other shops on Taobao was because of the promise of 24hr shipping. I purchased this seifuku on October 1st, specifically for the even at Mao's (October 4th) but did not receive the package until the 6th. That was very upsetting! 

Despite the broken promise of 24hr delivery, the quality for the price is good and if I wanted to buy more accessories or even another set, I would probably buy from this shop again.

Overall Opinion /5

This shop gets a 4/5 rating for being extremely affordable, having decent quality goods, and a wide range of color options. If the shipping was better, I would give it a five out of five.

My Look

I decided to pair the seifuku with a black cardigan I already had, added a pair of devil horns and small ribbons on my hair to pull together a gothic/vampire school girl look.

I dyed my hair black!

Using my awesome selfie stick! 

Snaps from the Twin tail Seifuku Event at Mao

Local Visual Kei band, Lilith

Local pop/hip hop style boy group

seifuku, twin tails and cat ears!

I you love seifukus you can find their shop here JK樱花哒 

Thank you for checking out my blog. 



  1. How cute! Love nanchatte seifuku!

    Did you order anything for 11/11

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog! Haha you better believe I did some shopping on 11/11. I bought a ton of stuff from Etude House, Skinfood and some home things too!


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