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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Cute Travels: Hong Kong Pt. 2 Fashion

Welcome back to Cute Shanghai!
Today I'm bringing you the second part of my Cute Travels to Hong Kong. 
First a few shots of girl's street fashion!

Her simple and stylish look is on point.

This girl is after my heart! I love her Halloween socks.

Her umbrella is great!

I met a Liz Lisa fan wandering around the metro.

FYI, my trip to HK only allowed me a day and a half to explore. Even with this short amount of time, I learned it's possible to do and see a lot in Hong Kong. Get ready for my whirlwind shopping adventure.

Tsim Sha Tsui 

If you love shopping, you can't miss the Tsim Sha Tsui area in Hong Kong. It is the go-to place for mid to high end brands as well as all your Jfashion needs.  Take the MTR to Tsim Sha Tsui station and walk along Nathan Road to find several huge malls. This area also has literally a Sasa or related cosmetic store on every block! 
Other points of interests are: Kowloon Park, Avenue of Stars, The Promenade

If you can't make it to Japan, Hong Kong is a great alternative to finding all your favorite 
Japanese brands.

Summer time is a great time to shop and save! Nearly every shop 
was having a huge sale.

I love Asian makeup packaging. 
Seriously, I have a habit of buying cosmetics based on their packaging alone!

Sailor Moon clothing!

Mong Konk

Thanks again to blogger Cute Travels for blogging about Mong Kok
Aside from the "ladies market" that reminds me a lot of Shanghai's  QiPu Lu, there's a huge mall Langham Place, and an amazing bargain mall called Argyle Center.

The ladies market was too similar to what's in Shanghai, so I skipped past it.
I'd recommend you check it out there and don't forget to bargain!

Welcome to Argyle Center!
This place is like a non- brand version of Shibuya 109!
Trendy clothing, shoes and accessories can be found in this multi-story complex.

It's so cheap! Most of the fashion items are between 20-200 HKD!

Lace monsters!

Cosmetic, eyelashes and contacts are easy to find here.

And shoes!!!

Flashy or fashionable?

This is a great place to buy cheap basics.

Forest style girls can also find something they love at Argyle Center.

Liz Lisa... nope, it's a replica shop and it's damn expensive.
Don't be fooled and think these are genuine. If you are in HK, stop by on of the many 
official Liz Lisa shops. 

This shop also has Ank Rouge replicas...

A mess of hair accessories. 
If you have patience to sort through them, you're sure to find a gem.

Kwai Fong

More amazing shopping deals can be found at Kwai Fong just across from the MTR. I didn't have enough time to check out much of this area, but the shopping center across from the metro station has a lot of cute things.

The first floor is a crazy array of colors.

Take the escalator up to the 2nd floor and you'll find so much more!

Deer Forest shop.

I got so much style inspiration for casual work outfits!

A cute gel manicure runs about 50USD.

The designs are amazing! 

There are several shops jam packed with hair accessories.

Swimmer style home goods store!

Adorable sandals for a bargain price.

Statement necklaces are always cute.

One Piece!!

Emily Cute... replica (?)

More Liz Lisa fakes can be spotted here.

Liz Lisa Hong Kong

Shopping at Liz Lisa was one of the most anticipated experiences for me! What can I say, I love LL!

Liz Lisa's summer collection is so cute!

I really regret not buying this dress!

Gorgeous accessories!

The fall French Girl line is perfect!

My (blurry) outfit of the day.

*ughhh I need to cut my fringe!*
With a Hong Kong shop girl she was so sweet and even spoke English!

I'm really surprised I didn't buy that much! 

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Hong Kong. Have you ever been to HK or are you planning on going? Let's chat in the comments below!
See you next time!

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