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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Cute Travels: Tokyo, Japan Pt. 1

During the Chinese New Year holiday I traveled to Japan and spent some time in Tokyo. Get ready for some too cute to handle photographs behind the page jump!

I've tried to organize the photos by location to make it easier for future travelers to get an idea of where things are within the city and also what you can expect to do and see in a day. I hope you enjoy my cute travels in Tokyo Japan.

My first day 

I arrived at Ibaraki airport, just outside of Tokyo.

I then took the shuttle bus from the airport to Tokyo Station

Image result for tokyo tower icon

After walking around for a while, I went to my airbnb apartment and had dinner in the area.

Day Two Shopping! 

Since my place was really close to Ikebukuro and Shinjuku, I rode the train over to Shinjuku to start the day with some shopping at my favorite store, Liz Lisa.

After that, I headed to Shibuya to visit the gyaru mecca, Shibuya 109.

I made it in time for the Final Bargain Sale!

The shop girls at Ank were so sweet, they charmed me into buying a 
full outfit!

More Liz Lisa shopping!

It's not my most flattering photo, but this shop girl was too cute!

It's like a dream come true!~

Japanese street fashion is so amazing!

After Shinjuku and Shibuya I headed to Takadanobaba where I heard there was a discount shop called Shimamura that might hold a few gems.

I previously blogged about Shimamura's Shanghai branch here.

I love kitsch restaurants like this pizza joint.

I dropped my shopping bags in a coin locker and headed back to Shibuya for dinner.

The back streets of Shibuya are so cool!

After an exhausting day of shopping, I finally headed back to my rental apartment and drifted off to sleep.

Day Three

My third day was all about enjoying nature and taking it easy in some of the more relaxed areas of Tokyo.

After a quick breakfast at Matsuya, I set off to Korakuen Station to visit the Koishikawa Garden.

lol my obvious selfie stick arm!

I worked up an appetite walking through the garden and planned to visit Moomin Cafe for lunch. Luckily I arrived just before the lunch rush and only had to wait 15 minutes. The line was ridiculously long when I left the cafe. The estimated waiting time was over 1 hour!

Following the Moomin Cafe, I went to explore some more cool areas of Tokyo and saw tons of cool and cute things.

I spent a total of seven days in Tokyo and have many more photos to share with you. Because I have so many photos, I'm going to split the post into several parts. 

I hope you will look forward to my next post and see the continuation of my Cute Travels in Tokyo, Japan!


  1. I was wondering, what drink did you have at the cafe? It looks like a latte of some kind. Btw, your outfit is really cute :)

    1. I had a latte, and chocolate cake in a cup with whip cream on top~ Thanks for your sweet comment

  2. I have only been to 109 once but I want to go back now! And the Moomin Café is one of my fave places, the only time I went and there was no queue was super late in the evening.
    Looking forward to more posts from you about Tokyo!

    { }

    1. *drools* 109 is my favorite! Thanks for your post.


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