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Friday, May 15, 2015

Shimala Cute and Cheap Shopping!

Shimala, known in Japan as Shimamura, is a second hand and discount shop known to stock quality brand items. (You can compare it to TJ Maxx or Marshalls in the US.) This company started in Japan but has branched out to several international locations including Shanghai. Let's take a look at some of the awesome loot that Shimala holds!

Does this place really sell something I'd like..? Yes, don't be deceived by the basic and sad looking display.

I know I'm not doing a good job at convincing you, but if you look beyond the entrance you'll find the goodies.

Cheap shoes! China is a bargain hunter's dream, but with the low price tag often comes terrible quality. Luckily at Shimala you don't have to worry about getting shoddy knockoffs or heels that will break after one wear. They stock legitimate brands that are overstock and past season (just like TJ Maxx).

Check out these wedged espadrilles by the Japanese brand, Sorridere for only 129rmb! 

Items from 30rmb, yes please!

It rains alot in Shanghai, but don't worry Shimala has got you covered. You can pick up a cute set of rain boots and a matching umbrella to keep you dry and stylish.

If you love frilly lingerie, Shimala stocks many Japanese brands that are super cute. Aside from bras and panties, they carry a ton of adorable stockings and socks and a wide selection of roomwear. 

A girl can never have too many bags. Although the purse aisle is a bit small, Shimala has a decent array of cute bags that make it nearly impossible to leave without putting one in your shopping basket.

Canvas totes are IMO perfect for spring!

My big find!
I couldn't believe it! Shimala Shanghai also stocks LizMelo! 
I'm a huge Liz Lisa fan and was shocked to see LizMelo (a collaboration).

LizMelo large make up pouches!

Not pictured is Shimala Shanghai's clothing selection. They stock some popular brands like Olive des Olive, but I did feel that their clothing was a little more hit or miss than their accessories and shoes. I'd recommend you check out Shimala with the intention of finding business casual clothing or basics and be surprised if you find one or two more interesting and trendy items. 

What I purchased at Shimala Shanghai:

I bought the large white LizMelo purse!

I'm such a sucker for accessories and this diamond heart purse chain with
 Liz Lisa X My Melody is too cute!

The inside has a sweet My Melody pattern!

These sneakers have a hidden heel which is a major plus for me! 

My new sneakers match perfectly with my Tralala skirt and a sweater I got at Honeys.

I hope you'll feel inspired to take a trip to Shimala and browse their bargains.
You can find Shimala at 6 locations in Shanghai including N. Shichuan Road (metro line 10) which would be a good reason to visit Zoo Coffee just a few blocks away!

If you want more information about their location check out Shimala's China website.  You can also view their weekly flyer on their site and get the low down on their deals.

 Shimala (Shimamura) Japan gets!

Shimamura Takadanobaba

While visiting Japan, I checked out the Takadanobaba Shimamura and picked up a ton of LizMelo items! (Sorry for the terrible arrangements. I took the photos on the tatami mats at the place I was staying)
(LizMelo shorts & pullover, Sorridere sweater)

(LizMelo sweater, dress and fuzzy roomwear jacket)


  1. I love some of the stuff in that shop, I wish that had places like that over here in Australia. Im a sucker for my melody so i think that bag and jumper are super cute.

    <3 Sarah
    Oh So Kawaii


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