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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Shanghai Comic Con: Mega Photo Post

Reed Pop has brought Comic Con to Shanghai! It was a 2 day event filled with cosplay, Q&A and  lots of fun. Get ready for a massive photo post!

Few words and tons of pictures, I hope you enjoy it!

 This cute girl is part of a local idol group!

Whether in the US or China, you will see girls in lolita at a comic convention.

Old School sweet lolita!

There was plenty of things for Gundam fans.

Anyone could grab a pen and draw on this wall.

This onsen elephant is too cute!

Hermione Granger cosplayer!

Lord of the Rings cosplay was pretty popular.

I'll be honest, this scares me.

How to Train your Dragon cosplay. She was really tall!

The one stand that was selling anime goods. for your anime needs

Letv for Western/American tv shows streamed in China

There was a nice mix of foreign cosplayers and local Chinese cosplayers.

Books in English!

XBOX ONE station!

Special effects makeup demo

Avenue Q will be performing in Shanghai!

The famous Guan Yu!

Booth girls!

This Superman kept hiking this bottoms up higher and higher with each photo.

Cosplay guest- Nicole Marie Jean

two girls from a local idol group

idol group dance

Finally a terrible cell phone photo of Robin Lord Taylor's interview.

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at my photos from Shanghai Comic Con. 

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