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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Review: Taobao shop " Seasons Lolita"

Today I'm bringing you a review of a pair of lolita shoes I recently purchased from the taobao shop Seasons Lolita

(If you are unfamiliar with lolita fashion please check out hello lace for more information.)

Item information

Color: black
Heel Height: 9cm (2 cm platform)
Material: PU (synthetic leather)
Price: 160 (for S-L size)
Link: here


.5    1.5/5

Right out of the box these shoes stank to all heaven! They smelled like glue and paint and that factory fresh smell. Luckily, after setting them outside overnight the smell went away.

Aside from the interior of the shoes having a poorly printed logo, these shoes seem very well made. There are no flaws in the gluing, stitching or cutting of the details. 

So why do they get a 1.5? The first time I wore them, the left heel broke! I don't know exactly what happened, but I was walking one moment and the next the heel had broken off leaving me stumbling for balance. They get a 1.5 rather than 0 because I don't know if I slipped first, then the heel broke, or if the heel broke and caused me to slip. Other than the bad heel, the rest of the shoe seems decently made.


❤.5    4.5/5

These shoes come with hidden snaps on the strap that make putting them on a breeze even with long and decorative nails. The snap is cleverly disguised by a cute heart shape buckle that lets you adjust strap length.

 Another great detail is the two removable bows on the strap that are held in place with a simple clip.

The final detail that I will mention is an imprint of "Angelic Pretty" on the sole of the shoe. Oddly enough, these are not Angelic Pretty replicas but are a dupe from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Do I really care about that mistake, no, but I do feel it was unnecessary to include the logo imprint on the sole if the inside has the Season's logo.


These shoes are extremely comfortable. The height is perfect for many occasions and is even suitable for standing for long periods.

Shop Review

The shoes took a while to ship (about 1 week) which is longer than most shops, but the fresh off the factory smell told me that the seller lazing about but actually needed the extra time, because of production. 

After the heel broke, I immediately contacted the seller and they suggested I send the shoe back to be replaced. Although I did not bargain for it, the seller did not offer to pay for the return shipping fee.

Final Thoughts

The broken heel really put me off of this shop and sadly I will not purchase anything else from this shop. 

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