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Monday, April 20, 2015

Zoo Coffee

Although China is known for its tea culture, in recent years drinking coffee has gone from being a  fashion statement to become a well devolved culture that has created hoards of coffee connoisseurs.

Shanghai's coffee scene is booming and unique cafes are popping up all over the city. 
Let's visit Zoo Coffee together!

Zoo Coffee has multiple locations throughout the city. I checked out one of their larger locations located near line 10 North Sichuan Lu.

This cafe is huge and it's so amazing! I'm a die hard fan of cheesy themed places and this place hits the spot. The cafe is very welcoming and features a super cool mini second floor with two small tables and even a private room for those who'd like to smoke.

Zoo Coffee sells a lot more than coffee. You can take home a mug, tumbler, animal
themed umbrella and of course coffee beans among other items.

The coffee is just a bit more pricey that what you'd get at Costa Cofee or Starbucks in Shanghai, but don't worry about paying 60rmb (10$) for a coffee, because Americanos run 24 rmb for a small and your standard mocha cashes in at 32rmb.

If you haven't jumped on the coffee craze, Zoo Coffee has plenty of options for you. They have smoothies, juices and a great selection of teas too.

By the way, you can have a pizza party here!

My date! 
I ordered an Americano and a yogurt cheese cake!

So does the coffee and snacks stand up to the atmosphere?
In a word, yes. The coffee was mellow and the yogurt cheese cake was very unique. 

One point that must be mentioned is this cafe is probably not a place you'd want to go to if you're looking to relax or study. Because it's themed and super cute, it's popular with families who have young children.image Sorry to be a grump, but screaming children are not my favorite.


The North Sichuan road location might be the largest, but it's also located in a place that doesn't have many other attractions. If you're looking for a more central location, check out their Jing'an temple location at Jiu Guang mall on the 4th floor (more about Jiu Guang here).

Enjoy a cup of coffee at Jiu Guang.

The Jiu Guang cafe is just as cute as the N. Sichuan road one!

If you're near South Shaanxi you can also stop by Zoo Coffee! It's only a short walk from the metro.

Seriously, this brand is popping up everywhere! If you're near Zhong Shan Park, you'll find another location there.

Here's a short slide show from the N. Sichuan road location.


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