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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Feminine fashion with Axes Femme

Here comes another back post!

I took a trip to Axes Femme to check out their autumn line up and share it with you. 
Their line is filled with jewel tones and neutral accents in all sorts of wonderful fabrics. 

axes femme

axes femme

In the era of golden age in Paris called “Belle Époque”, People dressed up elegantly and spent the fashionable lives. Like the art works of Toulouse-Lautrec, color of showgirl’s dress, the hem of frill, the luxury dress decorated with slender lace and embroidery spread into the mass. Beautiful but subtle, fleeting nuance has transformed into the modern style and now breathe in the axes femme.

Straight from Japan, Axes Femme is now going strong with five locations in Shanghai! I took a trip to the K11 shop and felt transported to a different time.

K11 shop front

Axes Femme is priced (in my opinion) as mid-range.
549rmb for this jumper skirt

sale: 1 item (new line)= 10% off
2 items (new line)= 20% off

jewelry collection

K11 shop staff

Autumn 2014 collection 

My autumn collection purchases

"garnet" heart necklace

tea time bracelet 

Halloween  print skirt + a dramatic pose

Can't get enough of Axes Femme? 
Their website is here .
Their weibo blog can be found here

Thanks for looking!

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