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Monday, March 23, 2015

Petit Cat Cafe

Tucked away between old Shanghai houses is a cozy cafe that offers drinks, snacks, and most importantly, cats! 

Follow the arrow to Petit Cat Cafe!

Don't worry, you're right on track. Keep walking down this tiny street
 and you'll find the cafe on your left hand side.

Petite Cat Cafe is located off of South Shaanxi Road and quite honestly, is probably over looked due to its location. It's nestled between modest residential housing that have a very local vibe, but once you enter the cafe, you are immersed in the cat cafe atmosphere.

The lone barista/manager was the only staff I encountered.

The interior of the cafe is painted wall to wall and ceiling too in a dark purple. That coupled with the low ceilings made this place feel like a funky den rather than a sweet cafe which was a bit of a draw back for me.
Colorful lamp accents bring up the funk.

Cat photos are everywhere! They also sell gag gifts like fake needles, condoms and sanitary pads.

No, they don't sell real condoms, but they do sell flavored cookies in the shape of condoms. Again, this cafe looses points with me for that oddity. The rest of the menu is pretty standard. You can have all sorts of coffees including latte, cappuccino, expresso, and a drink called the "petit cat special". 

 In addition to coffee, you can also order beer and a selection of mixed drinks.

I love that this cafe even has cat napkins!

I ordered cheese cake and the petit cat special. Both items were pretty good, but weren't anything that made me smile at the first taste. I understand that the price reflects the niche market of a cat cafe, but I had hoped for something a bit more tasty.

Where are all the cats?

When I visited the cafe, they only had one large cat and a tiny kitten. The staff confirmed that they were the only cats in the cafe.image This place loses major points for calling itself a cat cafe with only two cats in house. The large cat (pictured below) mostly hung out in its bed/cage and didn't want to come out. Luckily I was the only customer at the cafe so I got to play with the kitten without worrying if other customers were waiting for their turn.

*yikes this post is way over due!*


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