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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Product Review: Cake Love necklaces

Hello darlings! Today I've got a wonderful review for a taobao shop called Cake Love. They specialize in cute acrylic jewelry with sweets and fruits motifs being their most common items.

After submitting my order online, I promptly received a text (in English!!) confirming the order and stating that each item is hand made to order and would  take about six days to complete and ship.

Just about a week later, I my order arrived nicely wrapped in plastic and packing cushions and securely tucked inside a small box.

Item No. 1 

Chocolate necklace
Color: Strawberry 草莓巧克力
Price: 42 RMB

Materials and Specifications:
The chocolate piece is hand made out of hard acrylic material imported from Japan. The chocolate piece is roughly 3cm in each direction. The necklace and star are made of brass with a "no fade" promise. The necklace is about 27cm long and should sit on your chest.

My opinion:
This necklace is too cute! I can't rave about it enough. First of all, this necklace is extremely well made. The wording on the chocolate is crisp and clean and best of all, does not feature obscure or strange English words.
It is so delicate and sweet that I can easily imagine it being paired with lovely clothing to create a soft and cute look. 

Although I don't own any Qpot jewelry to make a quality comparison, I believe this necklace is a high quality acrylic necklace.

Bottom line, I can't believe this necklace is just over 6USD! The quality and design give this necklace the appearance of an expensive item. It is so gorgeous and I happily recommend it!

❤ 5/5

Item No. 2 

Name: Cookie necklace
Color: -one color-
Price: 49 RMB

Materials and Specifications:
Unlike the brass chocolate necklace, this necklace chain is made from 18K gold and copper. Although it is guaranteed for 3-6 months, the seller recommends you wipe the necklace after sweating or if it gets wet to prevent it from rusting and changing colors. The length of the necklace is approximately 30 cm long and sits on the chest. The total cookie piece is about 4 X 3 cm.

My opinion:
Again, I couldn't be happier with this necklace. It is beautifully made and  features tiny details that bring the quality level up a notch. The pearls are not plastic or cheap looking at all which is a big deal for me. 

This is another item I would confidently recommend to sweets lovers!

❤ 5/5

Item No. 3 

Name: Halloween Pumpkin Head
Color: Pink (specify during checkout)
Price: 78 RMB
Here - currently sold out-

Materials and Specifications:
The chain is 18k gold with a special resin applied to prevent oxidization (color change). Similar to the other jewelry in the shop, this pumpkin and chocolate piece are acrylic. As for the measurements, the chain is 29 cm long, pumpkin head is 4.8 x 4.4 cm, and the little chocolate is about 2 x 2 cm. 

My opinion:
I purchased this necklace specifically to coordinate with my Baby the Stars Shine Bright Halloween Alice and I couldn't be happier with the results. The soft pink of the pumpkin matches the print perfectly!  

Despite it not having the same level of intricacy as the other necklaces, the pumpkin head makes a statement and perhaps is much better without any more decoration.

❤ 5/5


Cake shop provides amazingly adorable jewelry at a very affordable price. Their attention to detail is something to be noted and will surely impress you.

On the customer service side, the seller was very quick to respond and can speak English which is a major plus. 

I give this shop ❤ 5/5 

Cake Love's taobao shop is here
Happy Shopping!

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