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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Liz Lisa Shanghai has closed!

I'm sorry to bring such terrible news, but Liz Lisa, previously at Jiu Guang department store has closed! 
I do not have an official notice of the store closure, but for now, it is safe to assume Liz Lisa Shanghai has closed.

On my last trip to Jiu Guang, I noticed the Liz Lisa shop was missing, so I scanned the other floors of Jiu Guang in hopes that they moved the shop, but still did not see it. I searched various internet resources and asked several online communities what happened to Liz Lisa and the unanimous response was "it has closed". 

The official Liz Lisa website still shows the Shanghai location open, but if you happen to go to the stated location, you not find the shop. 

If you are still lusting over Liz Lisa clothing of course you can always purchase from their Rakuten shop which delivers to China (I've used this site before!) or from their Tokyo Kawaii Life shop.

For those of you that are hard core and love the in store shopping experience, you can always take a quick flight over to Hong Kong and check out their store locations. 

I hope my next post will bring you good news. 

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