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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Krad Lanrete lolita fashion tea party

On Saturday, October 18th, Chinese lolita fashion brand, Krad Lanrete held a tea party at La Petite Fontaine. Nearly 80 local lolita fashion fans showed up to this event.
Today I'm bringing you a photo heavy post of the event and all the wonderful coordinates.

La Petite Fontaine Cafe

antique decor

creepy doll room

rusted iron and natural colors

This is only a portion of the sweet/light colored coordinates.

So many girls wore gothic/ dark colored coordinates that we needed 2 group shots!

torikago (tumblr)

Axes Femme's halloween print is too cute!

These girls stole everyone's hearts.

New designs from Krad Lanrete

my beautiful friend and I

Krad Lanrete, Classical Puppets and Kid Yoyo had a small rack
of new items on display.

Each guest received a small gift bag including:
1 hair accessory from Classical Puppets,
3 print post cards from Krad Lanrete (not pictured)
several tissue packs with Krad Lanrete's name and logo
1 Krad Lanrete catalogue
1 meme button

You can check out Krad Lanrete's designs on their taobao page here.
And, if you'd like to have tea, coffee or sweets (or even a full meal) at La Petite Fontaine, you can find them at: No.652 Changshou Rd, Wǔ níng, ShanghaiShanghai, China
They can be found  on Foursquare here

Thank you for reading my blog! 

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