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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Anime street

Do you love anime? 
If so, you must check out one of the best spots I've found for anime goods in Shanghai.
Along Wenmiao Road you'll find a pedestrian street that looks like you stepped into another world made just for anime fans. On Wenmia Road you'll come across mountains of figmas, anime, and idol merchandise. All of them are ridiculously cheap and begging to be bought.
Check it out!

The street is easily identifiable by this huge gateway and of course the street sign.

How to find Wenmiao Anime Street by metro
Take line 8 or 9 to Lujiabang road. Go out exit 7 (South Xizang Road), then turn right. You'll need to walk one long block, then look left. You'll see the big gate above. Cross the street and go in!

Although the street itself looks a bit dreary, each shop holds a treasure trove of goods.

Most shops specifically cater to anime goods, but you'll find one or two regular toy stores on this street too.

Tokyo Ghoul surgical masks will help you look cool while preventing the spread of germs.

These pillows are actually hand warmers!image

There's no shortage of figures on this street. Just a word of caution, most of the items on this street are probably bootlegged, hence the ultra cheap price tag.

Pins, stickers, postcards and every other anime related trinket can be found here.

Check out all these cute mugs.

This shop was actually playing anime soundtracks! It really added to the overall
shopping experience.

There's also several shops selling cellphone and tablet accessories!

This is another cellphone case shop.

Did you know beetle collecting is a popular hobby in Japan?
This pet shop specializes in live beetles and other small insects and reptiles.image

The street features a large glasses shop and several snack shops.

If you are a Kpop fan, you'll find every type of good to feed your fandom.
They have posters, stickers, bracelets, tshirt and even nail stickers with different Kpop
groups on them.

This shop has so much merchandise, that it's spilling outside and needs to be kept in black plastic bags!

Backpacks alley!

This is just a section of the accessory wall at one shop. This shop in particular reminded me of something you might find in Harajuku.

You'll also find a few cute stationary shops on this street.

Girly things!

I found a cute cat!image

Go down this alley to find a great Gundam shop!

"The Gundam" shop.
 It's probably the only shop on the street that accepts credit/debit cards.

Inside the Gundam shop.

Aside from Gundam, they sell Hello Kitty plastic toys, figures and
Warhammer kits.

I thought I found a lolita shop.... nope. They only have these 4 pairs shoes.image

... I'm pretty sure this is a purikura (print club) shop


I only spotted 2 shops with manga. This one only stocks Chinese translated books. The shop owner was printing out doujinshi covers while I was in the shop... I wonder if these books are printed too?

Body pillows!

If you play Magic, you can find a duel here.

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed taking a look at Shanghai's Wenmiao Anime Street. What did you think of it? Would you include this in your travel itinerary if you visited Shanghai?


  1. Where is this exactly? Can you post the coordinates with Google Maps? 31.211152, 121.484470 Those are the coordinates that I found when following your instructions. If you need instructions how to use it then go to and copy and paste those coordinates to the search bar.

    1. Hi, thanks for checking out my blog. Yes, that's about right. SmartShanghai also made a post about it. If you'd like to check it out here

  2. Very interesting street. A lot of Gunpla shops are there as well.

  3. do they sell kpop albums? I was looking for a store that had kpop albums in shanghai

  4. Do they also sell Pokemon figures??

  5. Hey I found you article and decided to take alook at the place and, well, it took me two hours to find it following your instructions!! First, the METRO STATION IS WRONG!! You wrote LUJIBANG station instead of LAOXIMEN (where line 9 and 10 pass both) and you also took a picture of the door at the start of the road FROM BEHIND!! So when you finally get to the place you find other chinese characters written on it and you think "oh that's the wrong door let's keep on searching", which was what I did. Maybe it's my fault but as long as you get off the metro at the wrong station all the following suggestions are useless...
    I just hope people wanting to visit Wenmiao Road with your indications will read my comment.


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