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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Review: Too Cool for School Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack

Hello my spooky cuties! It's finally October and Halloween will be here before you know it. I love spooky and creepy things as much as I love cute things, so when I saw Too Cool for School's Fresh Gore Sleeping Pack, I had to buy it.

Jump past the cut to see my review of this ghoulish product.


Description (from Too Cool for School website)

Whitening, anti-wrinkle functional! On the thirsty skin while sleeping vampire sleeping in your prescription pack! Say goodbye to the hassle of using a mask sheet~ Comfortable skin care with a sleeping pack that is applied and absorbed! 

Vampire moisturizing care formula Dragon Blood extract, astaxanthin, etc. Natural ingredients relieve thirst and sleeping skin, it helps cultivate moist skin. 

Contains natural colors (Dragon’s Blood) instead of artificial colors to moisturize and nourish skin while you sleep

The promise of vampire like eternal youth is something most of us hope. After looking over the ingredient list, I found that the key ingredients, Dragon Blood and astaxanthin, although scary sounding, are from natural sources. Dragon's Blood is a Peruvian tree and astaxanthin is a vitamin A derivative.

Texture   5/5

If you've never used a sleeping pack you might find it a bit strange. Some sleeping packs have the consistency of a heavy night cream while others, like this one, is more gel like. I found it applies very smooth and doesn't leave any sticky residue on my face once it dries. You will need to let in soak in for a bit. If you have fringe or long hair, I recommend letting it fully dry or else you'll end up with sticky hair plastered all over your face! 

Scent  5/5

There's no noticeable scent which means they don't add any unnecessary chemical fragrances! image

Color  5/5

Honestly, I expected this pack to be bright red because of the name, Fresh Gore, and the Dragon's Blood extract. Instead, the color is nearly translucent with only the slightest tint of red. Once applied, you don't notice any color. I love how there's no added dyes!

Packaging    4.5/5

The packaging is very cool in my opinion. The matte black finish of the bottle give it a gothic edge. It doesn't look like something fit for Dracula's boudoir, but young vamps will find this a nice addition to their gothic collection. It gets 4.5/5  hearts for solid packaging that suitable for the price. 

Results   3/5

Eh. I felt my face was moisturized, but it wasn't any different that my daily moisturizer. If you are looking for a serious face pack, I wouldn't recommend this product. However, if you have normal skin, then this might work for you. 


Although I bought this product in Hong Kong, Shanghai has several Too Cool for School shops. I'm sure you'll be able to find it here!

Of course, they also have a Tmall shop  

Thanks for checking out my blog. Please check back  next week because I'll be sharing another product review for you. Here's a hint... some people wear it daily, but others never had a chance to wear it at all. Can you guess what it is?

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