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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cows in Shanghai!

Shanghai, the city that never fails to surprise me, has done it again. Inside a top luxury mall, I stumbled onto a piece of greenery that flooded me with feelings from my small home town in. I hope you had a chance to see this exhibit in person, if you didn't, please enjoy the photos with me!

K11 mall, held a special exhibit called "Dairy Cow Academy" which featured live cows! I couldn't believe it myself, but there were real calves and a huge mother cow inside the mall.

Welcome to Moo Moo Park. For a limited time, K11 mall had a exhibit to educate the public on where milk and dairy products came from. Aside from the lectures and hands on activities that occurred, they had several live cows on display for people to pet. The biggest surprise was that it didn't smell at all! If you've ever been to a farm, you know that animals smell, but some how the management at K11 mall were able to ensure that only the pleasantly sweet smell of hay was the only thing the customers would smell.

The cows were just chilling in this pen next to an udon shop.

People were encouraged to stick their hands through the fence and pet the cows to their heart's content.

After checking out the cows, I walked over to Urban Harvest, a restaurant that is known for not only its health conscious dishes, but for sourcing the ingredients right outside of the restaurant. 

They've set up a small green space inside the mall, where they are growing herbs, sprouts, and mushrooms. Just walking through this area calmed me and gave me some relief from the stresses of living in a mega-city surrounded by steel and concrete.

I didn't want to leave the small oasis of greenery, so I picked up a juice in a commemorative bottle and found a spot where I could stare off and enjoy the view.

Although the exhibit is over, Urban Harvest always has something green growing. 
If you too feel like to you need to take a break from the city, head over to K11 mall and see what's happening.

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