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Monday, December 15, 2014

Twosome Coffee: Korean cafe comes to Shanghai

Twosome Coffee, a Korean cafe has opened its second shop in Shanghai and I went to check it out!

Apparently Twosome Coffee is well known for being endorsed by Korean movie/drama/music stars. Shanghai's Twosome Cafe on Nanjing West Road is currently displaying a life size cutout and coffee mugs for purchase of TV star, Lee Min Ho.

Lee Min Ho is endorsing Twosome Coffee.

Kdramas are a big deal in China, and many girls I spoke to love this actor's look.

While some girls visit Twosome for its celebrity appeal, I went for the
free cheesecake in celebration of their grand opening!

Yay! Twosome's menu is bilingual.

Exposed brick and raw concrete give off a cool industrial look.

Minimal packaging helps to bring the focus to the natural ingredients used.

If you want a more lavish treat, they have delicious cakes too!

South Korean star, Lee Min Ho on a free postcard.
(... I don't know who I'd send this to)

The atmosphere is a little industrial and perhaps a little spartan in its decor. So if you are expecting a super cute cafe, this isn't your place. But it is a nice place to relax and grab a cup.
Plain looking decor lends itself to minimal Korean decor.

americano, cheesecake and a hazelnut macron

As of 12/15/2014, another Twosome Coffee has opened!

Thanks for reading!

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