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Friday, December 5, 2014

Product Review: rope wig

Hello dears, today I'll be reviewing a rope wig I recently purchased from Taobao. image
As you can see, it's a long weft or rope of curled hair that you can use to give volume to pony tails and buns! I chose a rope wig over a half wig or pony tail wig because 1)I'm new to daily wig usage 2) I feel there are more styling options that can be achieved with a rope wig. 

On to the review!

I ordered 2 rope wigs from this taobao shop. Although all their items are marked with the Japanese Prisila brand label, I do not know if the shop is an OEM for the company or a replica maker. Either way, I read great reviews about their wig quality and wanted to try them out.

I have been dying my hair with Fresh Lights Caramel Brown and am at the left most color on their dye guide. Comparing to the Taobao shop's color chart, I should be safe selecting either TDM or TMB, but many of the reviews I've read stated the actual color of the wigs are darker than the color swatches. So to be on the safe side, I ordered the lighter option, TDM.

The rope wigs I received...

Two nicely balled up wigs in plastic bags.

Color accuracy and match


The color blends in wonderfully with my hair, but does not match the color swatch on the shop's site.

Photo Accuracy

❤ 1/5

I would say the photos provided are a bit misleading. As you can see in the shop's photo, the wig looks curled throughout the rope, but the item I received has more of a straight look with curled in tips. Personally, this does not bother me too much, since I can create looks that are a bit less "made up". Of course, if I want to,  I can use a curling iron up to 180 degrees to give it more curl.

*The wig I received, vs the shop's photo.

Softness and Shine

❤ 5/5

This wig is not particularly silky, but instead feels a little rough just as natural hair would.  What I really love about this wig is it does not have that wig-like shine that is a sure give away that someone is wearing fake hair. Like any wig, it does tangled and frizzy, but proper maintenance will keep it looking nice.

Final Points

This rope wig is sewn onto an elastic band with a light pink thread. I love the springy feeling that the elastic gives, but why did they choose to sew it one with a pink thread!! Although it's not immediately noticeable, you can see it and I would prefer if they had used a black or brown thread.

*Check out this pink thread!


❤.5  4.5/5

Delivery to Shanghai was amazingly fast! It arrived one day after I placed the order!

Despite being disappointed with certain aspects, overall, I'm very happy with the quality and color matching (to my hair) so I will certainly purchase wigs from this shop again! Oh, and did I mention these wigs are only 23RMB each! image

Website: Rope Wig
Color: TDM
Price: 23 RMB

*This deceptively simple hair style was easily achieved with a rope wig!

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