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Monday, December 8, 2014

Hello Kitty Theme Park Opens New Years 2015

Great news for all Hello Kitty fans in China, Sanrio will be opening an official Hello Kitty theme park, called Hello Kitty Home ((凯蒂猫家园), on New Year day!

(conceptual design)

First, I must mention that this theme park is not actually in Shanghai, but is in Zhejiang, a neighboring province about a three hour car ride away. image Or you could take the Maglev train to Hanzhou and then a bus. Either way, it is a trek from Shanghai. Of course that won't stop millions of people desire to visit the park. 

(conceptual design)

Aside from the fans' dedication to the iconic white cat, visitors will be lured in my the fact that this theme park will be the largest Hello Kitty theme park in all Asia (even bigger than Puroland in Japan)!

The park will be divided into 6 zones each focusing on a specific Sanrio character such as My Melody, Kerropi, and Badtz Maru.


There will also be a cafe serving super cute snacks.image

OMG! Those mini mushrooms in "dirt"are adorable!

If you're planning on making the trip to Hello Kitty Home, you will probably want to stay a night in the gorgeous on-site hotel and see what kind of home Hello Kitty might live in. 

photo from: The Shanghaiist

photo from: The Shanghaiist

photo from: The Shanghaiist

Of course you can't leave the park without taking a peak at the gift shop. It's filled with all Sanrio characters you know and love. According to one Chinese source, the gift shop will genuine licensed goods of which 70% are limited to China Hello Kitty Home and other imported goods.

Tickets to the park are 260 RMB for adults on the weekday 320 RMB on holidays. Child tickets 200 RMB  for weekdays; holiday tickets go up to 260 RMB. While not exactly cheap, for an theme park with this many attractions it's not too bad.


I hope you can visit Hello Kitty Home in China!

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