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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Photo Post: Collection of Cute In Shanghai

Hello, thanks for taking the time to check out Cute Shanghai. Today's post is an assortment of photos that don't necessarily merit their own post, but are cute enough to make the cut to share with you.

*Sleepy faced panda cookies by meiji

*kaiten sushi meets kaiten pudding near People's Square

*Sorry for the horrible quality! 
This cute girl (probably in middle school) was
hanging around Dimei Guangchang

*pun on natto (the Japanese fermented soybean)
natto---> nyatto

*flowers taller than a full grown adult

*I think this is a poodle.

*85degrees Rilakkuma campaign

*Monna Lisa (girls brand) display at JuiGuang Mall

*packaging that was so silly I had to buy 

Thanks for viewing! I hope you enjoyed this peek into Shanghai's cute culture.

See you next time!

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