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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: Eye MakeUp Remover

Hello dears! Today I'd like to share a product review for Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover which I purchased through
* This is not a sponsored review*

Heroine Make is a Japanese cosmetic brand that I fell in love with due to their adorable shoujo manga character. I love their felt tip eyeliner and decided to try out their eye makeup remover too.

This makeup remover claims to effectively remove all traces of makeup while moisturizing the eye area without causing irritation. I can definitely say this product stands up to its description.

My daily eye makeup

Ewww!!! Look at everything that came off!

*Left* makeup removed, *Right* with makeup

Effectiveness: ❤ 5/5
 This product really works! Whether I'm wearing natural makeup or heavy makeup complete with false eyelashes, this product effectively removes all traces of makeup.

Scent: NA
 There is no noticeable scent.

Price: ❤ 5/5 
 At 80RMB per bottle, this fits in with mid-range drugstore brand makeup removers.

Bottom line, I love that I don't need to rub my eyes or wash and repeat in order for this product to remove all traces of makeup. Heroine Make Eye Makeup Remover has become my favorite eye makeup remover and I plan to repurchase it once I run out.

Thank you for reading!!

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