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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is here! 
I hope you can enjoy eating wonderful food and visiting your family this Chinese New Year. Of course, I also wish you get many hongbao (red bag) filled with cash! I'm currently traveling and did not get an opportunity to takee photos of Shanghai during the New Year so instead, I've brought you some treats from other cute blogs.  Enjoy!

Unfortunately due to the disaster on December 31st that occurred on the Bund, many of the event scheduled for Chinese New Year got cancelled. You can check out Time Out Shanghai's CNY page for more about the event cancellations.

On to the fun!

Family Mart is getting into the new year's spirit by offering limited edition Hello Kitty plate ware and chopsticks. These adorable items are a great incentive to keep customers coming back in order to collect stamps and trade them in for a gift. Although I really wanted a complete set, I only saved enough stamps for one bowl! Did get a chance to collect them all?

It's not too late to get your nails done for the new year. Check out these cute designs I found! If your looking for a nail salon, I've reviewed some in a previous post (here and here).

With a few tweaks, this holiday nail could easily be used for CNY.

This gold fish design is sure to attract attention! 
There's a tutorial on the linked page!

I'm a sucker for floral designs. 

OMG this pedicure is too cute!

Super gorgeous nails that are so glamorous!

If this year is your zodiac year you might want to consider bringing in the new year while wearing red underwear to give yourself a boost of good luck.image (More about that superstition here) Hey, even if it's not your year, red is the color for the new year and you'll feel extra festive in these cute lingerie sets I found on taobao. (I haven't purchased anything from these shops so I can't vouch for their quality, but they are super gorgeous!)




In Shanghai, it's essential to add Weixin aka WeChat to your app database. In celebration of the new year, WeChat has added a collection of chat stickers that are too cute to miss.

"Let me get my hands on that hongbao."

"My body is very healthy."

If your not feeling the new year's spirit, these cute wallpapers are sure to cheer you up and add some flair to your digital device. Just click "source" to be directed to the wallpaper download page!




Lastly,here are a few diy project to keep you busy while the whole city shuts down for the holidays. Design is Yay has a super cute diy scratch off fortune that looks really easy! You can find it here.

Lotta Magazine has adorable zodiac printable coloring sheets. You can add a tassel and create a hanging ornament like shown or even add a magnet on back and post them on your fridge!

If you're feeling really creative, you can pick up some wool (毡毛) on taobao and create a cute sheep since 2015 's zodiac animal is the sheep.

Happy New Year!
I hope this year will bring you happiness, health and wealth. Thank you for supporting Cute Shanghai I'm looking forward to bring you more cute content in the new year!


  1. Happy Chinese New Years <(^.^)> p.s. Your blog is totally kawaii :3

    1. Happy New Years to you too! Thanks for checking out my blog <3

  2. Merry Christmas To You. We also have shared some beautiful images and Wishes For Christmas 2017. Please have a look on my Website.


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