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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cute People of Shanghai:花花

Hello! Today, I'm going to be introducing a new feature for Cute Shanghai called Cute People of Shanghai and to kick it off, I'll be featuring a girl so cute she can easily be mistaken for a doll. Keep reading to see more!

Meet 花咲夏實, you can also call her :花花 or 花咲.image
 (Her name is written with the character for flower! How lovely is that?!)
She loves sweet lolita fashion and often posts lovely her coordinates on her blog.

Although this is a nanchatte seifuku (just kidding school uniform), 花花 is actually a student. Wouldn't you love to sit next to such a cute girl in class?!image

She looks so comfortable in lolita fashion! When 花花 is not dressing up, you might find her working on her other hobby, ACG song and dance.

花花 is a dedicated fan of sweet lolita. Her coordinates often feature Angelic Pretty
and Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

Lastly, 花花  has left a message to the readers, "I love Lolita!>﹏<"

What do you think of the first pick for Cute People of Shanghai? Leave a message in the comments below. And if you love 花花's super cute character and sweet lolita coordinates, you can check her out on her weibo blog here

Thanks for viewing and I'll see you next time!

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