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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Liz Lisa Official Tmall Shop

 tmall shop

You might have figured out by now that I am in love with the Japanese brand, Liz Lisa and was so excited when I came to Shanghai and found a shop at Jiu Guang mall. Recently though, the shop closed down and left me feeling more than a little sad. But I have good news!
Liz Lisa has an officially licensed Tmall shop that ships all over China! 

website using google translate

The site features a wide range of their items including: New Products, Outer wear, Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, Bags and a Sale page.

Liz Lisa's Tmall shop confidently displays it's certification of authenticity. 

Currently, they are having 2 big events. In celebration of the unofficial Single's Day holiday, they will be having a three day sale with special discounts for spending a specific amount of money. And they are also offering three types of lucky packs: 499, 799, and 999 rmb. Each lucky pack comes with a mystery gift!

I love and hate lucky packs, but decided to get the cheapest one and try my luck. Unlike the New Years lucky packs in Japan, the contents are not revealed at all! I'm crossing my finger that I'll get some great items and hopefully get the super cute Champouf as my mystery gift!

my order!

The bag contains... 
"--11月9号陆续发货----超级超值神秘幸运福袋-------仅售499元 3件衣服+1份神秘礼物-------原价2800元以上,由于liz lisa衣服都是均码,购买者必须对liz lisa的服装尺码有深刻认识,不接受任何以尺码不合适为由的退换货。
November 9 super premium mystery after another shipping ---- ------- lucky lucky bag of clothes for only 499 yuan three parts mystery gift +1 ------- Price 2800 yuan above, as liz lisa clothes are all code, buyers must liz lisa's clothing sizes have a deep understanding not accept any return to the grounds of inappropriate size" (google translate)

You can check out Liz Lisa's Tmall shop here

Once it comes in, I'll make a post of the contents, so stay tuned!

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