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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sasa Website Service Review

Hello! Today I'm going to be doing a review of 
*This review is not sponsored.*

Sasa is a Hong Kong based cosmetic retailer that distributes over 600 brands and has nearly 280 stores throughout Asia. Shanghai alone has six stores! Although there are many shops near me, I often rely on customer reviews of products when selecting something new so I opted to use their online shop instead.

Their homepage is chaotic but once you find a category you'd like to search for, you can easily skip the junk and begin narrowing down your search results. I love that you can view the product price in many currencies and depending on your location, you can have the site auto-translated with minimal to no translation mistakes. Another awesome point is all their Asian cosmetics  have their product name and information translated!

Website Ease of Use  /5

My only problem with the site was their terrible customer service. At the checkout stage, the "submit" order button was not working. No matter how many times I refreshed, clicked it, or waited, the button just did not input. After a few tries, I used the "contact us" form at the top of the webpage and emailed them with my problem, but NEVER received a response. Two days later, I decided to try the page again, and for some reason it worked, but then another problem arose. My Alipay was not accepting the order. Once again I emailed customer service for assistance and advice and once again, I never got a response. Because I could not figure out the problem, I had to use another payment method. 

Customer Service  0/0

Where Sasa really impressed me was with their FREE shipping that was remarkably fast. They shipped via STO,provided a tracking number and even kindly emailed with a notice that the package was going to be held in customs before being released to mainland China. When the package arrived, it was securely wrapped in a waterproof mailer bag, with the contents packed in a plain box. Inside the box, the items were wrapped in bubble wrap and protected further with packing peanuts.

Shipping      5/5

Safe packing

My order

Finally, the last point I'd like to review is the price of products at Sasa. I absolutely love that Sasa does not have a huge product mark up and that they offer a range of inexpensive, mid-range to luxury brands. With their free shipping campaign, buying cosmetics from international brands is totally pain free. image
Price      5/5

Five out of Five I would definitely recommend you check them out for your Asian (and Western) cosmetic needs! 

Extra: My complete order (price is in RMB)
ACNES Oil-Control Moisturizer (45 g)
Nuance Airy Conditioner (200 ml)
 Naris Up
UV Cut Mineral BB Powder SPF50 PA+++ (Natural)
Healthy White SPF24 Triple Lightening Lotion (400 ml)
 Heavy Rotation (Kiss Me)
Long Volume Dynamic Mascara (7 g)
 Heroine Make (Kiss Me)
Eye Makeup Remover (110 ml)
Nuance Airy Shampoo (200 ml)
 Cosmetex Roland
Medicated Eye Treatment Cream (18 g)
Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 50+ (50 ml)
Shipping Fee0.00
TOTAL : ¥496.80

Product reviews will be posted soon!!

See you next time

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