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Thursday, May 15, 2014

AiRou Nail: Nail Art & Nail Spa

*AiRou Nail Salon store front

Today, I want to introduce you to a nail salon I recently tried.

I walk by the Jing'An location daily and it's always filled with trendy girls getting the latest designs hand painted onto their nails. AiRou Nail's constant line of customers caught my attention and made me curious to find out why their salon is always packed when there are many other nail salons on the same street.

*7 other nail salons on the same block as AiRou!!

*Just off of West Nanjing on Weihai Lu

When I entered the packed salon, a young woman promptly greeted me in Chinese from behind a surgical mask and asked me what I wanted to have done. After a few moments of me stumbling in Chinese, it was clear and I was escorted to the top floor where I waited for a nail technician to become available. 

*1 of 2 cabinets filled with gel and standard nail polish 

After some time, I was called back downstairs where I had my basic manicure (nail filing, cuticle pushing and cutting and buffing) taken care of. Then, I moved to another seat where I met the woman who would be doing my nails and through google translate and my rough Chinese skills conveyed what I wanted.

  • basic manicure with rounded tipped nails
  • pastel QQ gel
  • nail sticker application (I brought the stickers in myself)
The manicure and application of the gel was really a treat from my usual bargain mani at Dimei Guang Chang. The technician at AiRou took her time to ensure every step was completed to a satisfactory manner before moving on. She applied numerous coats of gel polish and top coat to ensure a opaque color that would last. 

*Pastel nails with Little Twin Stars nail sticker set

*Little Twin Stars color reference

*nail sticker set that I used

Although, this manicure and gel nail set cost more than what I typically pay at Dimei, the attention to detail and perfection really makes it worth the extra money.

*a chip after 4 days! BUT it was fixed for free!!  

! Within 5 days of getting my nails done,  I noticed that some polish had chipped off! One of the benefits of getting gel nails, is a chip free look that can last more than two weeks, but I didn't even have them for a week before that happened. I went back to the salon, and explained what happened and thankfully, the technicians were quick to usher me over to a station to fix the problem. The repaint was completely free which I was very happy about. Of course, I'd rather not have to go back and spend the time, but their after care really proved that this salon wants its customers to be happy.

nail polished vary in price and are charged per color you use
the price is the same if you bring your own nail stickers or use AiRou's

Location: 675 Weihai Lu
            (Metro: Line2 West Nanjing Road Exit 4)
Technician I had: Shao Mei
Total Price: 186RMB=48(mani)+ 68(QQ gel polish)+30(2nd color-expensive polish)+40(nail stickers on four nails) 

*use this metro exit

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