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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Le'Teen: My first encounter with Cute in Shanghai


While planning my trip to Shanghai I surfed all corners of the world wide web in search of recommended cute shops. During my search I was overjoyed to discover a thread mentioning several lolita fashion stores in the city.

I marked them on my map and upon arrival went in search of said stores. I walked through a private neighborhood with a suspicion that I was totally lost and to my surprise, learned that none of the stores existed anymore. 

Despite my disappointment, one block away from my non-existent destination, was a store that shone with an aura brighter than the rest. I could feel the warmth and lovely atmosphere radiating out of it a block away.

That store was Le'Teen.

Le'Teen is a Japanese gyaru influenced clothing store with several locations across Shanghai. They feature feminine prints and patterns and a romantic vibe. 

A couple times per season they put out a fashion newsletter with coordination inspiration and a makeup and hair tutorial. 

Here's a preview of their early autumn fashion:



Points about Le'Teen that I love:

  • Price- Their pricing is lower than Japanese gyaru brands such as Liz Lisa and One Spo, but a bit higher than what you'd find at Forever21 or H&M
  • Quality- The materials, accents and details really show this brand produces quality pieces
  • Originality- Though clearly inspired by Japanese gyaru trends, Le'Teen does not produce replica items

Lovin' Le'Teen? Their items are available for purchase on Taobao's Tmall (with a Shopping Service)

*Le'Teen is romanized as "Le'Ting" in Chinese

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