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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Stay Real Cafe at IAPM

Shanghai has seen a trend of fashion brands branching out to cafes and restaurants. Within the past year or two, we've seen Vivienne Westwood Cafe, Muji Cafe and  Gucci Cafe, to name a few. 
Taiwanese street fashion brand, Stay Real, is always hip and now offers us a cool place to grab a sweet or a cup of coffee after shopping with them.

The cafe is a perfect mix of cute and cool. The wood floors and metal chairs help to give off the street vibe coordinates with Stay Real's clothing.

I love this retro van! It's too cute for words. You better believe girls crowd around this van and take tons of selfies. Aside from a perfect photo op, the van also serves as the coffee bar.

Unfortunately, I visited Stay Real Cafe around 8pm so the dessert menu was limited. I ended up with not one, but two cups of coffee! 

The cafe flows into Stay Real's retail shop. You can find their super cool fashion and accessories or even something for your house.

The cafe was pleasantly quiet, not freezing and overall a very relaxing experience. Is Stay Real Cafe cute? Not really, but it's definitely cool. 
If you are looking for a trendy cafe near South Shaanxi Road, check out Stay Real Cafe in the basement of IAPM.

You can check out Stay Real;s Facebook page or shop with them on
  on their website

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