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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello Kitty Today: Cafe

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Hello Kitty is a massive icon in the world of cuteness so when I found out Hello Kitty Today, a kitty themed cafe, opened up in Shanghai, I rushed over to check it out myself. 

It seems like this cafe is a franchise with several locations in Shanghai. I visited the Xujiahui cafe located in the lower level of  Metro City Mall.

The giant Kitty-chan outside is a great place to pose for photos! 

This little girl is showing her love with a Hello Kitty sweater.image

Hello Kitty Today has more of an adult appeal than I imagined. I thought the cafe would be top to bottom pink and white with the mascot every where, but actually Hello Kitty is barely present in the decor. 

The wallpaper which is cute and simple is one of the few places you'll see Hello Kitty. The white chairs and round tables do have a bit of Kitty flair too. 

Overall, I didn't get the Hello Kitty bang that I was hoping for. This cafe however is cute, clean and well staffed.

Above is a Korean Hello Kitty Cafe
This is what I was hoping for. 
Pink, pink, pink and princess vibe to go with it.

It's patrons range from young children with their parents, teenagers, and all the way to grey haired senior citizens.

Although it's always nice to visit a cafe with friends, there's no awkward feeling when you visit this cafe alone. 

Ordering from the drink menu may be difficult for non-Chinese speakers. They menu, displayed on a sign board above the register is only in Chinese!image

The snacks, which are super cute, are all displayed in a neatly arranged case. There's no need to translate anything here! 

The cafe operates like a Starbucks/Costa Coffee in such that patrons order from the counter, and then pick up their drink themselves when their number is called. For such a niche cafe, I was hoping the cafe would have a sit down order service with a wait staff, but sadly it doesn't.

Hello Kitty Today also looses some cute points in its lack of cute utensils and dishes. Your cute pastries are serves with cheap individually wrapped plastic utensils and plain white dishes. The coffee mugs are also plain white. I wish the mugs had the cafe logo or at least were light pink. That would really have added to the overall experience.

Thanks for viewing! 


  1. Hello i am visiting shangai and i want to go to the hello kitty cafe, it s open?? Thanks

  2. Hello i want to know if these cafe is in shangai amd if it s open thanks

    1. Sadly, it already closed down. There's another Hello Kitty cafe at Jinshajiang Road in the huge mall near the metro station.

  3. There's also a small one in Hongqiao near Takashimaya


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