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Friday, April 18, 2014

Swimmer going out of business??

It's been confirmed!!! Swimmer is going out of business in Shanghai. 

My heart fluttered with joy when I saw the huge red SALE signs, but then the realization that a liquidation was occurring hit and in an instant, my heart broke. Girls are lining up in front of the store in hopes of scoring a great deal. The store is a wreck, but if you have patience and are willing to dig around, you will find some amazing deals.

This week, I stopped by twice to see if the merchandise had changed since my last visit and luckily it did. Between the two days, I manged to pick up several cute items that would have cost me 690RMB (over 100$) but my total spending for the two days was a little over 200RMB!!!

It's so crazy cheap that I have to repeat myself. What was originally 120$ only cost me 32$!!

(2 cat eared beanies, 1 blouse, 2 pencil boards, 2 binders with paper, 2 pencil cases
1 comb, washi tape, 2 makeup bags, 3 storage baskets, 1 large storage box, 1 pencil sharpener
1 jewelry box, 1 notebook, 1 tape dispenser *not pictured- 2 bento boxes)

After telling my boyfriend that Swimmer is going out of business, he persuaded me to stop by one more time. (He's so lovely right?! 
But because of him, I ended up purchasing things I wouldn't have. Lol. For a grand total of 204RMB (original retail value of 693RMB)

(1 paper towel holder, 1 stuffed toy, 1 shaved ice machine, 1 pair rain boots, 1 jewelry box
1 eyelash curler, 2 eyelash cases, 1 tweezers, 1 bento box, 1 pair slippers, i card case, i hair accessory)

Although it's not as much as what I purchased the other days, I really got a deal on these items. The shaved ice machine was only 35RMB and the rain boots were super cheap too!

Now, for some close ups of my favorite items......

pink and black cat shaped case for my false eyelashes

an eyelash curler and tweezers

a bento box with matching chopsticks and a card case

an adorable hair pin 
This huge house can hold so many things!

I'm using this as a small jewelry box.

nail clippers, a tape dispenser and a pencil sharpener

a cute pencil case that I'm using to store necklaces

I am so sad to see Swimmer go because even after a year of searching through Shanghai, I think it is the only store that fulfills the cute/kitsch aesthetic. Without it, cute lovers of Shanghai will be forced to turn to online shopping. And although I love shopping online, the experience of in store shopping is really fun. I can only hope to come across another store like this in Shanghai.

See you next time!

Location: Dimei Guang Chang (underground shopping arcade at People's Square) 


  1. I just moved to Shanghai and I was so excited to find Swimmer at Metro City....then I saw the huge sale and got sad. But, I did score on some stuff too!

  2. Oh nooo that's so sad T__T I've only been there twice so far and now it's closing haah.. Do you know if it's still open now or did they already close last week? Thank you <3

    1. I went to the Xujiahui (Metro City) location yesterday and it's still open.

  3. ah now i see where you get all you're cute stuff !! lol :) awesome awesome deals jen bug, keep it up!! R.


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