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Monday, August 4, 2014

Retro Cute at Taikang Lu

Take a trip back to Shanghai in the 1930s
 Visit  Tianzifang 

This place is a wonderland for romantics and lovers of history as nearly all the architecture is representative of the 1930s Shanghainese shikumen (lit. "Stone Warehouse Gate") housing that beautifully weaves together Chinese and Western architectural styles.

Tianzifang (Dapuqiao metro stop) hosts a variety of art galleries, cafes, bars, themed restaurants and trendy shops. Despite the area being a tourist hot spot, you'll still find locals living there. Don't be surprised when you see laundry hanging to dry next to a chic boutique, or local residents giving the tourist a curious glance.

The sights at Tianzifang are so gorgeous you are going to want to pack your camera for this trip.

intimate alleyways calling to be explored

jewelry shop

a fake piano & a menu book

The dinning in Tianzifang is something that shouldn't be missed. From themed dinning to cuisine from every part of the globe, you are sure to find something to fit your pallet here.

How about enjoying a cup of coffee with some furry friends at "Tono Palace" cat cafe?

Cats not your thing? For the gross out factor, try out this toilet themed cafe, "More than Toilet".


Cuddle up with a cute teddy bear, enjoy DIY crafts and check out their museum at the teddy bear cafe.

Of course, if themed dinning isn't your thing, there are plenty of other fabulous restaurants to choose from with the average price tag in the area running 30+ RMB for a non alcoholic drink, 60+ RMB for appetizers and 90+ for a main course. 

Of course you can always skip the dining and just enjoy the atmosphere.

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